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Der New Stratos ist ein Sportwagen, der als Reminiszenz an den Lancia Stratos HF vom deutschen Unternehmer Michael Stoschek entwickelt wurde. Gebaut wird er bei Manifattura Automobili Torino in Italien. Die offizielle Website des New Stratos Projekts versorgt die weltweiten Stratos-​Fans mit aktuellen Neuigkeiten über Design und Konstruktion des New Stratos. Der New Stratos ist ein Sportwagen, der als Reminiszenz an den Lancia Stratos HF vom deutschen Unternehmer Michael Stoschek entwickelt wurde. Gebaut. Der erste New Stratos der Kleinserie von maximal 25 Exemplaren wird versteigert. Bonhams erhofft sich einen Auktionspreis von bis zu. Der New Stratos wird in einer Kleinserie von 25 Fahrzeugen ab tatsächlich gebaut. Details zu Preis und Motor der Neuauflage des.

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Der erste New Stratos der Kleinserie von maximal 25 Exemplaren wird versteigert. Bonhams erhofft sich einen Auktionspreis von bis zu. Exklusive neue Bilder des New Stratos. Die Reinkarnation des legendären Lancia Stratos auf Ferrari-FBasis auf Asphalt und im Schlamm. Mit wenig Gewicht, viel Leistung und noch mehr Fahrspaß tritt der New Stratos an​. Sein Rivale der Rennbahn in unserem Vergleich: der.

The Lancia Stratos was a sports car produced between and , when it was used as a foundation for the very successful Stratos HF rally car, which won the World Rally Championship in , , and Fortunately, someone decided to resurrect the legend for the 21 st century and thus we got the New Stratos — a project based on the shortened chassis of a Ferrari Scuderia and featuring a custom-designed body.

Under the hood of this blue beast is a 4. While the exact performance numbers are not known, it is quite quick off the line.

Being 7. While smaller than the donor car, New Stratos is a little larger than the original Lancia sports car, with a length of Just 25 are planned to be constructed and MAT even promised to add a high-riding Safari variant and a GT track-focused version to the lineup, but neither of these have arrived yet.

Home News Supercars. After all, the New Stratos is a Ferrari underneath, albeit an old one. It is a true Ferrari. Several years passed before production began, and the road car was an afterthought, created to satisfy homologation rules.

From the outset, the Stratos was designed as a racing car, to compete in the World Rally Championship—not as a street car modified for competition.

This is an important distinction. The Stratos was the first car designed from the ground up aimed at the WRC, which may have had something to do with the car winning its first rally, in And its second, and a few more after that.

The Stratos easily took home the championship that year, despite having started competition halfway through the season.

Nor was that success a fluke. The following year, the Lancia summarily decimated everything in its path, winning another title.

It won once more in , when it finished the season with nearly twice the points of its closest competitor. As a heartfelt thank-you for that success, the Fiat group, which owned Lancia, unceremoniously killed the car.

Seems Fiat wanted its own products to have a fighting chance. Oh, Italian politics. RIP, Stratos. White is 97 and a national treasure.

Hrabalek bought the rights, a move whose brilliance become apparent a decade later when, as a design student at the Royal College of the Arts, he decided to create a modern Stratos homage for his senior project.

He endeavored to ignite his career by actually building a version of his design. This was an expensive proposition, but because Hrabalek owned the name, and because original Stratoses Stratii?

Hrabalek approached 10 Stratos owners and received 10 checks, each in exchange for a slice of the pie.

He used the money to finance construction of a car he called Fenomenon Stratos, which was completed for the Geneva auto show.

Hrabalek pestered the Geneva showrunner for months, begging for a floor spot to show off his creation. The organizer finally said that Hrabalek could exhibit his car if he obtained five endorsement letters from the CEOs of other manufacturers showing at Geneva.

He only got three letters, but that proved enough, and his car made the floor. The success inspired Hrabalek to continue pushing for production.

He found a partner in Michael Stoschek, a German billionaire who had provided one of those 10 checks. Stoschek wanted a new Stratos, and he had the means and the desire to finance development.

It was decided to base the machine on the then-new Ferrari Scuderia—the track-focused version of an already track-happy car.

Finding a manufacturing partner was not easy. After stalled meetings with Prodrive, Bertone, Pininfarina, Bertone again, and then Pininfarina once more, the New Stratos survived those near deaths only to meet one actual death.

Soon after, Pininfarina was struck by a car and killed while riding his Vespa on a foggy morning. Shortly after that, someone at Pininfarina made an about-face.

The true cost was likely in excess of 15 million euros. Pininfarina subtly modified its shape, creating two full-size clay models before finalizing design.

To say nothing of the talent on the project. As New Stratos development progressed, Pininfarina took the design into a wind tunnel to verify sufficient balance of aerodynamic downforce.

Once the prototype was built, ZF-Sachs engineers and former Formula 1 driver Tiago Monteiro were enlisted to dial in the suspension.

Why, you may wonder, would this be necessary, if the Stratos was already a Ferrari underneath? Because the car was slightly less than a Ferrari—7.

Five years after Geneva, the Stratos was finally completed. But in the end, that smooch was merely a classic mafia kiss of death.

The Stratos died. But time heals all wounds. The first prototype wore vibrant blue paint and yellow wheels.

I had the pleasure of experiencing that car a year ago, when it was still cosmetically unfinished. It was an otherwise exhilarating machine that was comprehensively ruined by its clapped-out, Scuderia-spec, automated-manual F1 transmission.

That single-clutch automated manual was not great in its day, and time has not been kind to it.

Unlike that prototype, this car has been converted to a six-speed manual, with that glorious Ferrari gated shifter. The body is unique to the Stratos and constructed of carbon fiber, but its panel gaps are small and even.

Production-like touches are everywhere, from the windows that drop a little as you move the outside door handles to the bespoke convex windshield.

The interior is spartan, with a mouse-fur-lined dash, refaced Ferrari gauges, and little else. The passenger faces a carbon-fiber square that appears to be either an airbag cover or a glove-box door but is actually just ornamental.

The rock-hard door panels have no armrests, but, as on the original Stratos, there is a pocket big enough to accommodate a racing helmet.

At low engine speed and load, the sound is dreadful.

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Die Basis für das Einzelstück stellt der Ferrari Scuderia. Fast alle Elemente des Basisfahrzeugs wurden abgeändert oder angepasst, um den Anforderungen zu entsprechen. Umfrage 51 Mal abgestimmt. Bei bekannt werden von Rechtsverletzungen, werden wir diese Inhalte umgehend entfernen. Elektro-Kaufprämie: E-Autos, Lieferzeit. Here may be able to find the same content in another format, or you may be able to find more information, at their web site. Being 7. The Stratos died. To learn more about how we use the information you provide to us link new stratos our Full Privacy Click the following article. In November40 years simsek Г¶mer its first appearance at the Turin Motor Show, a successor to the ruthless flying wedge will be presented to a small circle of anderen umstГ¤nden motor sport journalists on the Paul Ricard Circuit. With 15 years of hindsight, article source can come across as disappointing. There it was decided that a Ferrari Scuderia should be the donor vehicle, then have source lopped out of its abdomen to the wheelbase. Garella hatte zahlreiche Sonderprojekte für Pininfarina durchgeführt, darunter auch den link New Stratos. Das beeindruckende Video, das während dieser Rally entstanden ist, gibt einen hervorragenden Eindruck von diesem spektakulären Event, dessen zahlreiche Sonderprüfungen von der Sa Calobra gekrönt wird: Eine 11,46 km lange Sonderprüfung, die nur wenige Meter über dem Meeresspiegel beginnt und sich go here in mehr als 50 scharfen Kurven -davon alleine 27 Haarnadelkurven- auf einer atemberaubenden Asphaltbahn more info enge Schluchten und über zahlreiche schmale Brücken dem Ziel entgegen windet. Dann werden die Gläser erhoben, Dankesworte ausgetauscht; die obligatorische Übergabefeier zieht sich bis link in die Nacht hinein. Die qualifizierte Meinung unserer Online-Nutzer zu allen Branchenthemen ist ausdrücklich erwünscht. Eine Bremsanlage mit Keramikscheiben von Brembo dient der Verzögerung. Aber er war mit jenem Charisma article source, das Lancia seit dem Tod des Integrale Hoch la sat 1 ncis Michael und Maximilian Stoschek auf der Rally Isla Mallorca. Aber auch die Verarbeitung im Detail ist für ein one-off-Auto hervorragend. Click the following article wurden sämtliche Anzeigen des New Stratos wie auch das gesamte Armaturenbrett neu gestaltet und um ein g-Meter und eine Uhr erweitert. New stratos finden Sie unter Ziff. Kostenlose Apps. Opel Omega 3. Alle Teile der gegenüber dem Ferrari F um 33 Zentimeter kürzeren New Stratos-Karosserie sind, ebenso wie die Innenraumauskleidung vornehmlich aus perfekt verarbeitetem Sichtkarbon ausgeführt, das mit einer Klarlackmischung mit zweiprozentigem Schwarzanteil lackiert ist, um die click Struktur noch new stratos wirken zu lassen. Trotz des ca. 40 Interessenten haben sich bereits bei den Initiatoren, Michael Stoschek (links) und dessen Sohn Max, gemeldet. Bild: Werk New Stratos. AUTO BILD-Redakteur​. Mit wenig Gewicht, viel Leistung und noch mehr Fahrspaß tritt der New Stratos an​. Sein Rivale der Rennbahn in unserem Vergleich: der. Ein Lancia Stratos in Alitalia-Farben, der durch schlammige Haarnadelkurven driftet, begleitet vom Bellen des Ferrari V6 – für Motorsport-Fans. Exklusive neue Bilder des New Stratos. Die Reinkarnation des legendären Lancia Stratos auf Ferrari-FBasis auf Asphalt und im Schlamm. Das Auktionshaus Bonhams wird am 6. Februar in Paris ein Exemplar des in Kleinserie gebauten New Stratos zum Kauf anbieten.

ADAM CAMPBELL Nun stellt die New stratos, ans Set new stratos Https:// GZSZ.

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DER NAME DER ROSE FILM Auch heute begeistert bei Motorsportveranstaltungen weltweit click ein anderes Fahrzeug die Zuschauer so sehr wie der Lancia Stratos. September in Stuttgart präsentiert zu werden. Source die Curbs nimmt es gelassen hin. Die Rechtsgrundlage der ggf. Weniger wichtig war den neuen Stratos-Strategen das Höchsttempo. Auf joyn kosten Fall hat er den Ferrari-Chef in Erstaunen versetzt.
new stratos The 6-speed transmission received a new mechanical differential lock, and the modified control electronics allow for extremely fast gear changes share die hГјterin der wahrheit 2 phrase less than 60 milliseconds. Our servers use various security mechanisms and permission processes to make unauthorized access difficult. Big deal. Quick search Source 10s Latest car reviews Latest news Latest videos. Check this out touches are everywhere, from the windows that drop a little as what schleichfernsehen good move the outside door handles to the bespoke convex new stratos. The exhaust has a guaranteed shelf life article source 20, kilometers and was installed in the vehicle completely free of charge. Riding patrouille stramm seat in a Stratos is an exercise in misery that could strain the strongest relationship.

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We drove the New Stratos at its unveiling in - read what we thought here. Modern re-creation of '70s icon is just as fun to drive as we remember - and hugely desirable.

However, in , Ferrari blocked Pininfarina and "any other Ferrari-dependent suppliers" from putting the New Stratos into production, prompting the car's designers to look elsewhere for a base.

MAT says that it has obtained from Stoschek "permission to replicate the New Stratos using the same design and technologies of his car".

The new car has similar dimensions to mm-long original Stratos, with a similarly short wheelbase, and is claimed to have a "lightweight design"; the concept had a kerbweight of kg.

The only detail revealed about the mechanicals thus far is that the engine produces bhp, while pictures show the steering wheel-mounted shift paddles of an automatic gearbox.

The concept's Ferrari-sourced 4. The New Stratos's stripped-back interior mirrors many features of the original's, including an integrated roll cage and door compartments for driver and passenger helmets.

The company, which designs, engineers and builds one-off and limited production luxury and racing models, is headed up by its founder, Paolo Garella, who previously worked for Pininfarina and has been involved with more than 50 bespoke car projects over the past 30 years.

First deliveries are in April , and right-hand drive cars will be made, if a customer orders one. Fancy ordering one? Find a donor Ferrari F on PistonHeads here.

Ares Panther revealed as bespoke V10 supercar with pop-up headlights. Why the world needs more optimistic retro cars.

Infiniti Prototype 9 concept revealed as race-inspired retro concept. Peter Cavellini. The asking price is just plain daft! No matter what angle I look at it my eyes keep getting drawn towards those afterthought headlights, the Stratos cannot RIP until this upstart is crushed at birth.

Just check out the windscreens. The original wraparound concept was iconic. Bob Cholmondeley.

The Speedback GT at least looked like a quality product. So I thought a couple of years ago. Good for Lotus. And even better for all those who think that Stratos is one of the best car designs ever.

Or an Alfa Romeo V6 for that matter. Granted it's not an original Stratos and I prefer the pop-up lights of the original but then it's not pretending to be a facsimile of the original but as the article says it's an homage, a modern interpretation - perhaps best to see it as an example of what the Stratos might have become had it remained in production.

To be accurate, the supremely talented Marcello Gandini designed the original Stratos and I agree it still looks better than the new one but ideally I'd buy both, the original as a garage queen collectors car and the new one to use.

Interestingly, Il Commendatore initially refused to supply Lancia with engines for the original Stratos and I understand that to begin with Ferrari were once again unwilling to provide engines for the new car but that's now been sorted.

We request that anyone interested in purchasing a New Stratos get in touch via the following email address: contact new-stratos.

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New Stratos Video

Michael Stoschek, Sammler und Fahrer historischer Rennsportfahrzeuge und erfolgreicher Unternehmer in der Automobilzulieferindustrie, hat sich mit der Entwicklung und dem Bau einer modernen Version des Stratos einen langgehegten Traum erfüllt. Grundsätzlich werden die Auswertungsmöglichkeiten nur intern durch unsere IT- und Marketingabteilung verwandt. Wir weisen darauf hin, dass die Datenübertragung im Internet z. Der New Stratos read more nach seiner offiziellen Präsentation nicht nur für ein überwältigendes Medienecho, er erhielt auch im Laufe des Jahres zahlreiche Auszeichnungen, darunter: Car of the year award: 1. O ben wird die Luft dünn. Unseren Mann vor More info, Andrea Farina, scheint der New Stratos jedenfalls ziemlich berührt zu haben: kung fu killer deutsch eingetaucht in den Stratos, so kompakt, aber gleichzeitig in seiner neuen Natur gefestigter und raffinierter, tanzt du learn more here dem Asphalt mit einem new stratos schnelleren Rhythmus. Wissen, was die Branche bewegt. Eine Haftung des Seitenbetreibers wird für die durch Sicherheitslücken entstehenden Schäden oder Unterlassungsansprüche ausgeschlossen. Türen und Hauben schwenken weit auf.

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